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    Welcome to the Elm Talent Group

    Elm Talent connects you with early career, elite candidates in a variety of industry verticals. See what a difference the right hire can make.

    • Team of experts
      Team of experts

      We’ve got the smarts to find you the smarts you need.

    • Thorough Vetting
      Thorough Vetting

      Candidates meet the highest standards via our rigorous evaluation process.

    • The Right Network
      The Right Network

      Our recruiters scout talent from the Ivy League and beyond.

    • Search Strategy
      Search Strategy

      Our consultants help you scope your job to find the perfect fit.

    • Always-On HR Process
      Always-On HR Process

      We never stop searching for excellence.

    • Great Relationships
      Great Relationships

      We build long-term relationships with the best candidates.